Work Rules

Each full member of CCQMA must meet the following work requirements for the 2015 racing season.

CCQMA (Race Work Day)

  • CCQMA Families are scheduled to work 2 Family Work Days per racing season
  • If a Family is scheduled to work and cannot attend a substitute must be found by said family.(Please let the President know if you have switched work days or have found a substitute for your assigned day.)
  • If a family does not fulfill their Family Race day obligations, their driver(s) will start at the tail of each race the following race night that they attend. If you sign up for a late work day and don’t fulfill their family race day obligation then they will forfeit all theirs points for the season.

CCQMA Work Days

  • All CCQMA members shall participate in at least 2 track work day.
  • (You need to sign in with a Board member so that accurate attendance is kept)
  • CCQMA members who do not attend a work day will forfeit all end of the year awards.
  • Work days are defined as Track Maintenance, Track Fundraising, or anything approved by the Board of Directors.

CCQMA – Tower (must be signed up by March 14th or tower director will assign you a date)

  • 2- 3 hour shifts in tower
  • 2 – 3 hour shift as Pit Steward

CCCQMA – Concession Stand (must be signed up by March 14th or tower director will assign you a date)

  • 1- 4 hour shift at one of the days at the coliseum races.
  • 4- 3 hour shifts at the track

Each club member will be responsible for their work duties listed above. If you cannot work, find a club member who can work your scheduled shift. If all required work duties are not filled, by you or someone working for you, your driver will not receive a year end gift, year end points trophy and will forfeit all points in the point’s series.

Please work with the Tower & Concession Director to ensure you get your dates scheduled. The work schedule will be on a first come first serve basis. The Tower & Concession schedule will be posted on the CCQMA website.

Tower Director Monica Turner
Concession Director: Becca O’Bannon

CCQMA Board reserves the right to change work schedule as needed.

Concession donation fees will be reimbursed at the yearend banquet.