Social Media Rules


The National QMA Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced. BEHAVIORAL OUTBURSTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AT CCQMA EVENTS or via multimedia outlets, such as social network sites, text messaging, or voice mails (this includes members and drivers from any club).

1. All CCQMA members and their families are expected to act in a manner that is a credit to the sport, both on the track facilities and off the track facilities, at all QMA events. Disturbances and/or willful damage to others property will not be tolerated at any event.

2. Those failing to act in a manner that is a credit to the sport are injuring all members and are hampering the very existence and future of Quarter Midgets of America.

3. Therefore, acts detrimental to CCQMA or its members will be reviewed by CCQMA Club Boards, QMA Regional Boards, and/or the QMA National Board of Directors and will be subject to the QMA Code of conduct guidelines and procedures for disciplinary actions.