Racing Rules


Current QMA membership, QMA badge, and driver’s insurance will be required to race.

The weekly sign-in fee is $20.00 for members and $25.00 for non-members on regular race days.  On points race days the fees are $25.00 for everyone.  Sign-ins will be from 10 – 11 a.m. on regular race. Any late sign-ins will start at the tail in both heats on non-points race days and will receive a NO TIME for qualifying on point’s race days.  Racing begins after the driver’s and handler’s meeting and line-ups are posted.

The QMA Code of Conduct will be adhered to during all CCQMA events. Reasons for being asked to leave the track facility are:

1.        Any abusive, profane, taunting or harassing language, threatening or obscene gestures,
assaults either physical or verbal, or continued antagonizing behavior towards ANY official,
member, opponent or driver.

2.        Any verbal or physical abuse of a driver, his/her handler, or any member of their group will

3.        Any driver, handler, or person(s) under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

All of the above mentioned reasons are subject to disciplinary action.

The car owner will furnish fuel, except on sanctioned races.  All fuel must be in closed containers, clearly marked and approved by the Safety Director.  The Technical Director may take a fuel check on any race date.

One car may constitute a race for all classes.  The Tower may combine classes to race.  When one car class is combined with another class, the faster cars will start at the rear of all races.  Light and heavy may race together.  All class winners shall be awarded.  In one car classes, feature trophies will be awarded.

When qualifying, you will get the flag on the 2nd lap and the next 2 laps will be your qualifying laps.  If you sign-in late, you will not be allowed to qualify and will start on the tail of the lowest main.  Failure to qualify in order will result in a NO TIME and you will be placed at the tail of the lowest main in your division/class.

No cars shall be driven under its own power past the pit STOP sign.

At the discretion of the President or Race Director, all of the above is subject to change.