Points Race Program


1. You must race 4 point races to be eligible for a year-end trophy. You will receive a trophy in the class you participated in.

2. Novice will not run for points, but will receive a trophy if they compete in 4 scheduled races. Practice races do not count towards this total.

3. Pill draw for qualifying order. Late sign-ins will not qualify and shall start at the tail end of the last main. Failure to qualify in order will result in a NO TIME and you will be placed at the tail of the lowest main.

4. The top 5 qualifiers in the Junior classes will start in the A-main. The next 5 qualifiers will be in the B-main, etc. The top 5 qualifiers in the Senior classes will start in the A-main and the next 5 qualifiers will start in the B-main, etc. If there is a tie in qualifying, we will go to the driver’s second time.

5. If there is only 1 car in a class, it will be up to the Race Director’s discretion whether he/she will have to run the race.

6. Laps are as follows or Race Director discretion:

Lower Mains: 15 Laps for Novice & Junior classes A-Main: 20 Laps for Novice classes

20 Laps for Senior classes 25 Laps for Junior classes

30 Laps for Senior classes

7. Trophies are given to the winner of the lower mains, and then 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the A feature only. Participation trophies will be given to all Novices.

8. At the end of the year, all ties will be broken based upon the driver’s best race finishes (most 1st’s, 2nd’s, etc.)

9. For 2018 season CCQMA will be doing championship jackets for all classes have 3 or more cars in the class. (The following required Rule 1 & 11 must be completed.)

10. No points will be given for technical DQ’s.

11. Each club member will be responsible for their work days. If you cannot work, find a club member who can work your scheduled shift. If you’re required work days are not filled, by you or someone working for you, your driver will not receive a year end gift, year-end point’s trophies and will forfeit all points in the point’s series.

12. Due to inclement weather only those A Mains that are completed will be awarded points. Any class that has not completed their A Main will receive 0 points.

13. CCQMA will be hosting 5 points races for the 2018 racing season with 1 throw out race. There is one scheduled makeup date at end of year.