Concession Stand Rules

1.        All full members must pay concession stand donation fee by   March 29th 2015.

2.        Concession stand donation fee is $80

3.        Concession donation fee must be paid in full before receiving any trophies.

4.        Members must sign up to work by March 14th,2015  (sign-up sheet will be on the website).  Failure to do so will result in the Concessions Director assigning you dates.

5.        Each club member will be responsible for their work days. If you cannot work, find a club member who can work your scheduled shift. If all required work days are not filled, by you or someone working for you, your driver will not receive a year end point’s trophies and will forfeit all points in the point’s series.

6.        It will be the club member’s responsibility to reschedule their work date if the event is postponed or cancelled due to weather.

7.        Members are to be reimbursed for the time worked at the yearend banquet.

8.        No one under 14 can work in the concession stand

9.        No one under 16 can be in the grill hut.